Personal Server Definition

My Personal Server Definition

Directory ~/.dmt/user/devices/my_server/def:


device: my_server
user: server_user_name

Replace server_user_name with your username for the server. This is needed for updating the server through dmt update command.

We are always editing all configuration files on our 'central device', in this example my_pc.

After you have prepared this server definition file in correct directory on your pc you can now update the server from your personal computer:

dmt update my_server

Make sure to check that this pointer on server is pointing to the correct directory.

Setting the device pointer on server

We have to set the pointer only once on first setup.

Login to your server with

Or with:

q my_server

if you are using dmt full shell (you can check this with dmt shell).

Then execute:

[email protected]_server:~$ dmt device select

And choose my_server from the list. Then restart dmt with dmt restart.