Device definition files

Location of device definition files is inside of each ~/.dmt/user/devices/[device_name]/def directory.

Device definition files are in the def subdirectory of each DMT DEVICE directory.

.def format

They use a custom definition format for this project which is a very simplified YAML.

To be able to configure the basics of your device(s) you must know the basics of .def format which we will learn in a special section.

Basic device definition files


Most notably it contains device name (this is usually the same as directory name for device).

Example of minimal device.def file contents:

device: my_server

Before explaining what else can we define inside the device.def file we have to cover .DEF format. We do this in next group of pages. For now let's see other two important configuration files of each device.


Defines lists of directories for between-device sharing.


Defines permanent connections between devices. For example PC → PS.

You can create a permanent connection between your main PC and your Personal Server.


For now just think of it as something that is currently connected or disconnected.