[ in progress ]

This file is used to specify the sets of paths on the file system for sharing with your network.


path: ~/Files
path: ~/Desktop

Advanced example:

This is an example with multiple root keys (notice they are all the same - content: ...)

It is invalid to have different root keys. It is a) one or b) multiple exact repetitions.

Each key can have completely different subkeys. We don't yet have defsyntax checker.

We also don't have deflense yet to map between different versions of .def files.

path: ~/Files
content: music
path: ~/Music

Unnamed content is the default content.

Default content is always public and accessible to anyone with access of your node.

Other types of content are more protected but this warrants a special section [soon].

If a folder is not listed in your content.def file it is not part of dmt data sharing logic.