Assumptions for continuation

For sake of simplicity we will assume you have all three (but you don't have to, just keep in mind to adjust instructions in your mindspace accordingly and think again if it would be easier to actually have them running, it does not take that much effort).

The right sequence if you have a chance for a complete picture would be: Personal Computer first, then Personal Server, then Single Board Computer. This would also mean that if you decide to try just one modality at first, it should be your main personal computer (most likely a laptop). It then builds up nicely and easily from there.

We say PC because we are a local-first initiative. Cloud is great but it should not be at the center of everything. All types of clouds, p2p storage networks and blockchains included. They are great but for each specific purpose. If there is an actual multi-purpose general-compute cloud it should first be a Personal Cloud, then other clouds.

Of course this system is mostly made for nerds. But nerds have friends too and they can get secondary benefits out of this system / general conceptual framework.

Soft requirements for continuation

The rest of this documentation assumes that:

  • You have three nodes with dmt-proc running (PC, PS, SBC)

  • Temporary or permanent Hacker (DIY) mentality / worldview